Extra Virgin Olive Oil
From the Island of Crete

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4240 Bottles


Glass Bottle


First Cold Press




Limited First Edition

35°North Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes in 500 ml (16.9 fl oz) First Edition glass bottle.

The bottle is coated in white matte color which protects the olive oil from direct sunlight and reduces surface temperature so you can enjoy the freshness and quality of the contents for longer. It is gorgeous to look at and pleasant to hold due to its pebble like surface texture. Cork lid with included pourer provides a convenient way to effortlessly pour the product over your food.

The bottle is 100% recyclable.


First Cold Press

Our olives are handpicked and transferred to a nearby mill where the 35°N Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted using a cold-press method to preserve its quality and taste.

The extracted oil then stays in oxygen-free containers for a while in order for it to settle naturally before bottling which reduces the need for filtering and increases the amount of preserved polyphenols.

Each bottle is then filled with olive oil and passes a multi-step manual quality control process before being packaged for final delivery.


Kria, Crete

Our olive oil is produced from a single olive grove located near Kria village in Sitia region, where the 35th parallel north crosses the mountains of Crete.

The surrounding region is known for excellent quality olive oil. The distinctive soil composition and micro-climate of the area provides lots of sunshine, hot summers, mild winters, little rainfall and predominant winds to create the perfect conditions for growing Koroneiki olives.

Koroneiki variety is the most common in Greece amongst oil producers. For more than 3000 years this variety was cultivated in Crete. Koroneiki fruits are small and the yield per tree is quite low. Consequently, the olive oil produced is of the highest quality with extremely low acidity, which is rarely higher than 0,3%.

Olive trees are pruned every few years to keep them smaller in size in order for olive fruits to be more exposed to sun and air. Olives are handpicked and transferred to the mill where the oil is pressed using a cold-press method to preserve its quality and taste.


Quality and Taste

Koroneiki variety is highly acclaimed for its fresh fruity aroma, smooth and full taste - which is what you will experience by tasting 35°N Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our olive oil quality and organoleptic properties were analysed by Eurofins Scientific according to IOC Standard:

Polyphenols (mg/kg)206
K 2252.327
K 2321.6
K 2700.119
Delta K0.0041

Experience the exceptional quality of 35°North

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